You will never be more conscious of the strange noises in your house than when you’re trying to drift off to sleep. Most of these are perfectly normal, like the hum of a running refrigerator or the creak of the floorboards, but there are some sounds your home can make that you really shouldn’t ignore.

We identify the root cause of some of the problem for you and offer a recommended solution.

  1. Scratching The first port of call is to set traps. If this solution is not successful the next action would be to call in a pest control professional. Stop this happening again by blocking their suspected entrance to your home.If you can hear scratching or shuffling but can’t identify where from, chances are you could have some form of pest taking residence within your walls. This isn’t just a minor inconvenience, these wild animals can pose serious health hazards to you, whether it be leaving droppings or chewing through wiring that could start an electrical fire.
  2. Whistling Sometimes your furnace will make a whistling sound or in some cases a sucking one, which will need attention. This sound means that your furnace will be attempting to pull in the air that surrounds it meaning that your furnace is working far harder than it needs to be and could lead to an excretion of exhausted gas into your home.To prevent this, make sure you are installing clean filters on a regular basis – every 1-3 months.
  3. Hissing This is a sound you really cannot ignore – a hissing sound can signal that your home has a gas leak. Often this will be accompanied by an unpleasant smell as another indicator.This is incredibly dangerous and if you notice either of these signals, vacate your home immediately and contact your gas servicing company – the problem will need to be dealt with immediately.

  4. Clanking When you turn your heating on in cold temperatures, it’s normal to hear a bit of clanking or knocking as the heating system is expanding due to the influx of heat and rubbing against your home. What you need to be aware of, however, is this sound lingering long after the heating has been turned on, as this could be indicative of pump failure.You may want to ask for a professional opinion on the situation. There are many different circulator pumps you could purchase to replace the faulty material, such as shower pumps or central heating pumps.
  5. Running water If you can hear water but you know for a fact all faucets in your home are off, you may have a leak. This is a problem that is in dire need of fixing because a burst pipe can cause an untold amount of damage to your home.We recommend you call in a plumber to look at the situation. Often this problem will be too complex for a layman to solve and you could make the condition worse if you fail.
  6. Buzzing
    A buzzing sound can be indicative of a loose connection in your outlet or light fixtures. This will need attention as this can cause sparking and lead to fires or electrocution.While you can fix this yourself, we would recommend asking the opinion of a qualified electrician first so you don’t cause yourself personal injury.

    Listen out in your home tonight for any of the above sounds and take action.

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